A super-sized collection of fast-food toys

TITLE: The fast-food toy fanatic

This Filipino artist has a passion

for collecting toys

from fast-food restaurant chains

including McDonald's


He also collects from the

Philippines' big chain Jollibee

He has about 20,000 toys

in his home

Percival Lugue, Fast-food toy collector:

"I always tell my friends, it's just like the feeling of morning Christmas, it's is just like having a new set of toys.

Lugue's collection is now a

Guinness World Record

He built his home especially

to house his collection.

His dream is to open a museum

for all of his toys

"I remember many times when my friends come over and see some of the toys here, they would exclaim 'Oh, I used to have that toy and I used to play around with it,' so I guess if eventually this museum will open this will also give them a chance to revisit their own childhood memories."