Sunny Hostin Says Whoopi Goldberg Confronted Her for Saying She Farts the Most: ‘She Didn’t Like It’

Sunny Hostin says her “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg pulled her aside to address how Hostin seemingly blasted her over what many thought was an on-air fart from the EGOT winner.

Look, it happens. Sometimes you have a slip-up. And that’s not referring to Goldberg’s alleged bottom-side blunder, but rather Hostin mistakenly telling the world that Goldberg passed gas on-air. The world began to use Goldberg’s first name in an entirely new way after Hostin shared on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live!” that Goldberg farts that most.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” to promote her book “Summer on Sag Harbor,” Hostin opened up about the situation.

“I think the way this thing started is Sarah [Hines] drinks too much water on set and she has a weak bladder and so she’s constantly with two or three mugs,” Hostin began. “I really don’t understand her water process, but she kept on moving them across the table and it made this farting noise.”

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The latest incident happened in March, when Hines shifted her chair during one of their discussions on “The View.”

“So Whoopi in an effort to kind of cover that up, we have coasters now, was like, ‘Sorry y’all. That was me,’ and I just took her at her word.” Hostin continued, mentioning that Goldberg later addressed her about spreading the rumor. “So Whoopi said, ‘Why did you tell everybody I fart all the time?’ and I was like, Because you joke about farting all the time and I’m across from the table.’ I can’t smell it. I don’t know whoever, you know, smelt it dealt it, so I just had no idea. She said, ‘Thanks a lot,’ but I mean, Whoopi and I are very close, so she was okay. I didn’t realize it would have so much pick-up Mr. Andy Cohen.”

While this isn’t the first time Goldberg has let one loose on the show while the cameras were rolling, the actress says she’s never actually farted on-air and the fart-gate moments are merely jokes.

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