Sunny Hostin introduces Sarah Paulson to the dog she saved by paying for surgery: 'Thank you'

"One of the most noble things you can do in life is take care of those who can't take care of themselves," Paulson said while holding the pup.

Sunny Hostin had a special surprise in store for Sarah Paulson when she visited The View on Tuesday.

Toward the end of the daytime talk show, the cohost introduced her dog Coco Chanel to Paulson and revealed the special connection they share in saving the little dog's life. Before welcoming the puppy on stage, Hostin explained that she considers the Emmy-winning actress to be a kindred spirit because they're both passionate about saving animals and frequently donate to rescues.

“One day I was scrolling all the rescue pages, and I see that this little dog got hit by a car and left for dead at the side of the road," Hostin said. "So I immediately call the rescue and I say, ‘I’ll pay for the surgery,’ and I was told, ‘Sarah Paulson already paid for the surgery.’”

<p>ABC</p> Sarah Paulson and Coco on 'The View'


Sarah Paulson and Coco on 'The View'

When Hostin asked if there was anything else she could do for the pup, she was told that she could take the dog home. “I did adopt the dog,” she confirmed. “Sally’s niece, the owner of the rescue, flew out to New York with her, she had just had the surgery, and we have someone that wants to meet you for saving her life.”

"No!” Paulson shouted in response. “Oh no!”

As Hostin’s mother walked out with the dog, a shocked Paulson placed her hands on her face and began to scream excitedly. “So the story is that my mother bonded with this dog, it was supposed to be my dog, we share the dog basically,” Hostin explained as Coco was placed in Paulson’s hands. “So she wants to meet you. Thank you for saving her life.”

Speaking to the dog, Paulson said, "You're so welcome."

Hostin noted that Coco has changed her mother’s life since joining their family: “My mother didn’t like to drive before, she didn’t like to go out shopping, and now she has her companion that sits in the car with her and goes to the supermarket, so thank you.” 

“You’re so welcome,” Paulson replied. “I just think it’s one of the most noble things you can do in life, is take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.”

When Hostin said that Coco has become "the best thing that's happened" to her mother, Paulson said, "Oh, I'm so glad, she's so perfect."

But Paulson wasn't the only one going cuckoo for Coco: The entire View table took some time to fawn over the "adorable" pup. “She’s really cute,” Paulson agreed. “You can see why everybody wanted to save her.”

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