Sunglasses, champagne in mafia boss' family home

STORY: New video released by Carabinieri on Wednesday (January 25) showed policemen searching the apartment where Messina Denaro's mother was still living. Police found Messina Denaro's old collection of Ray-Ban glasses that his mother was still storing in the house, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported.

Messina Denaro, 60, was arrested on Jan. 16 after 30 years on the run. Police believe he spent much of the last year hiding in plain sight in Campobello di Mazara, a town of some 11,000 inhabitants, just a short drive from his mother's house.

The last confirmed sighting of Messina Denaro was in 1993, making it difficult for police to identify the most wanted man in Italy. He led an apparently open life in the town, shopping for himself in the local supermarket, authorities said.

Prosecutors say their hunt was further complicated by the unusually strong loyalty he received from members of his clan in the west of Sicily.