Sungai Long Residence Is The Perfect Home For Your Growing Family

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Sungai Long Residence Is The Perfect Home For Your Growing Family
Sungai Long Residence Is The Perfect Home For Your Growing Family

Are you looking for more space, convenience and a touch of nature for your growing family? Can’t find a modern home that can fit your family-friendly urban living dreams without draining out your savings?

Then look no further than Sungai Long Residences, an idyllic low-rise condominium with something for everyone in the family, from toddlers to grandparents.

An ideal haven for urban families

Located in Bandar Sungai Long, Cheras, Sungai Long Residence is a picturesque choice for immediate and extended families. At only nine storeys, this low-rise condominium holds freehold units that allow plenty of room for all kinds of familial and domestic arrangements. What’s more: the units are all ready to move in upon official purchase.

Besides ample space and zero waiting time, what are other noteworthy benefits of buying a home here? Let’s find out!

Five great reasons why you should get yourselves a Sungai Long Residence home

1) A home here is highly affordable

Generally speaking, big spaces that can accommodate growing families tend to be costly in urban cities like Bandar Sungai Long. Thankfully, this is not the case with Sungai Long Residence. The price range that comes with this property allows you to own a good home and save more money for your family’s future at the same time.

Speaking of financial feasibility, did you know that you can make your purchase with zero entry cost? That’s right: the property is a registered project under the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2021, an initiative set by the Malaysian government to mainly inspire homeownership. This means zero downpayment fees as well as free legal, loan, and Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) fees.

With unit prices starting from RM498,000* onwards and coming with low maintenance fees, more people have a real chance at becoming homeowners. Will you be one of them? Well, let us convince you of the following benefit…

2) Each unit is super spacious

Sungai Long Residence-2
Sungai Long Residence-2

Sure, we have said this earlier, but all Sungai Long Residence homes are made to accommodate family-centric domestic living generously. You get more than what you pay for.

The property has four floor plans to choose from. The smallest floor plan is 1,399 sq ft and comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Meanwhile, the largest floor plan measures 1,442 sq ft and is equipped with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

All units come with two parking spots as well as free air conditioners and sleek, high-functioning kitchen cabinets already installed and ready for use upon moving in.

3) Bonding activities are aplenty here

Sungai Long Residence homes are mainly catered to families, which means the condominium has impressive facilities that can hold space for various social activities. Pastimes spent within its grounds can bring not only family members, but also neighbours, closer.

For one, there is an iconic lap pool in the centre of the lush boulevard facility area. There is also a wading swimming pool and a playground for adults and children to play and spend quality time together. Those with a penchant for intimate, food-fueled gatherings can utilise the adjacent barbecue pit to spruce up their events.

There are plenty of well-designed pathways around the property for daily walkers and joggers to peruse, while the gym is available every day for fitness enthusiasts. Meanwhile, elderly residents who prefer a quieter pace can bask in the property’s beauty that culminates in a mini fountain.

Those of you great at golf or wanting to try your hands at it can enjoy the fact that the Sungai Long Golf & Country Club is right in front of you. Yes, we are not exaggerating; the condominium literally faces the golf course specially designed by world-renowned American golfer Jack Nicklaus.

Like we said: there is everything for everyone here!

4) Nature is abundant and accessible

Sungai Long Residence-1
Sungai Long Residence-1

Are you big on raising your family to appreciate nature? Then living in Sungai Long Residence may just be the most significant decision you will ever make to fulfil this goal.

For one, the condominium is only a short drive away from Sungai Tekala Recreation Forest. Located 28.8km away from the condominium, the destination is where families typically go to have weekend picnics.

You can also opt to check out Gunung Nuang Recreational Forest and Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest if you want to go a bit further; they are adjacent to Sungai Tekala’s perimeters on the map.

Those who prefer more action would love Ampang’s Bukit Kembara Trailhead, which is only 21.9km away. Meanwhile, fans of natural waterfalls can relish in the fact that the property is near to the following wondrous sites:

  • Batangsi River Waterfalls (29.8km away)

  • Bukit Saga Waterfall

  • Perdik Fall (28.7km away)

If you love hiking and jungle trekking, Sungai Long Hill Park is the perfect spot for you. There, you can explore panoramic views of tropical greenery and sea clouds.

Looks like there’s plenty of nature to enjoy when you live in Sungai Long Residence!

5) Good education is nearby

Sungai Long Residence-4
Sungai Long Residence-4

A family home isn’t complete without easy access to great schools. Fortunately, Sungai Long Residence is located near some of Kuala Lumpur’s best educational institutions.

Some nearby schools are grouped based on their categories below:

a. Pre-schools

  • Green Meadows Montessori

  • Little Inventor Pre-School Bandar Sungai Long

  • Shambala Kids Leader Pre-School

  • My Montessori

  • Q-Dees Sungai Long

b. Primary and secondary schools

  • SJK © Bandar Sungai Long

  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Rakan

  • 3Q MRC Bandar Sungai Long

  • Bandar Baru Sungai Long Secondary School

c. Tertiary education institutions

  • University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

  • SAGA College Cheras

  • Veterinary Institute Cheras

  • Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

  • UCSI University

Worried about how you can move around town and beyond? Fret not, because…

6) It’s easy to move around and out

Sungai Long Residence-5
Sungai Long Residence-5

Bandar Sungai Long, where the condominium stands central, is connected to not one, not two, but three highways: SILK Highway, GRAND SAGA Highway and the upcoming EKVE Highway. Thanks to these options, you can drive around Cheras quickly and access the neighbouring Kajang without a hitch. Not only that, getting to Kuala Lumpur and other cities beyond your vicinity becomes more enjoyable and a lot less complicated.

At the same time, there is no reason to worry if you or any of your adult family members do not want to drive. The MRT Feeder Bus station, which sits right in front of the condominium’s main entrance, takes you to Bukit Dukung MRT Station.

To recap, the property is located near the following MRT stations:

  • Batu Sebelas Cheras MRT Station (4.8km away)

  • Bukit Dukung MRT Station (6km away)

  • Bandar Tun Hussein Onn MRT Station (7km away)

Evidently, living at Sungai Long Residence comes with the guarantee of mobility and connectivity for all. Managing day-to-day family-focused hustles and bustles becomes easier than ever from here.

Score your new family home today

Sungai Long Residence-6
Sungai Long Residence-6

With all that Sungai Long Residence has to offer, there is no doubt that your growing family life will be well catered to. Interested in enjoying a renewed sense of comfort at home with your loved ones here? You can start by exploring more information on the property at Sin Heap Lee (SHL) Development’s website.

For a tour of Sungai Long Residence’s units, send in your request for a viewing session to an SHL spokesperson at Alternatively, you can contact the SHL sales team directly at +6012 232 9313 via either a direct phone call or Whatsapp.

*Prices for Sungai Long Residence units start at RM498,000 with terms and conditions applied.

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