Sunak makes last ditch plea to voters not to back ‘unchecked’ Labour majority

Rishi Sunak will make a last ditch plea to voters not to allow an “unchecked” Labour government to move into Downing Street.

In the final 24 hours of the General Election campaign, the Prime Minister is warning wavering voters once again to stick with the Conservatives to stop what his party is now branding a Labour “supermajority” in the House of Commons.

In one final stump speech in Hampshire, Mr Sunak will make the case for voting Conservative, and claim that Tory MPs will help to offer a counterbalance to what is expected to be a landslide majority for Labour.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaking to staff during a visit to DCS Group in Banbury, Oxfordshire
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s party has been consistently behind in the polls throughout the campaign (PA)

Poll after poll is now suggesting the Labour Party is expected to win a large majority in Parliament.

An average of all polls with fieldwork completed during the seven days to July 2 puts Labour on 40%, 19 points ahead of the Conservatives on 21%, followed by Reform on 16%, the Lib Dems on 11% and the Greens on 6%.

In an attempt to dissuade the public away from other rival parties, Mr Sunak will also warn a vote for the Liberal Democrats would help to secure a Labour victory, as they will back Labour ideas in the next Parliament, while claiming Reform UK is only likely to win a handful of seats.

He is also expected to refer to the disputed claim that Labour’s proposals for government will lead to a £2,094 rise in taxes for the average household.

The Prime Minister will say: “Only we Conservatives can stand up to Labour.

“So, if you are one of those 130,000 voters who could stop a Labour supermajority, lend us your support.

“For we are the only party that can stop a supermajority and stand up to Labour.”

Analysis by the Times of YouGov polling has suggested Labour has a broad voter coalition in many areas, but that support is sometimes not deeply held.

The newspaper has suggested this means if only 130,000 people switch their votes on polling day, it could drastically reduce the predicted majority of Sir Keir Starmer’s party.

Mr Sunak will add: “If you are worried about an unchecked, unaccountable Labour government you can stop that by offering us your support so we can stand up for you and be your voice in the next Parliament.

“Your vote will determine whether your MP is just another addition to Starmer’s supermajority or a local champion, someone who cares about you and will fight for your area and its needs.

“Do you want a Member of Parliament who holds the Government to account or one who just unthinkingly backs Keir Starmer and whatever he wants to do?

“With your vote, you have the power to ensure that Keir Starmer doesn’t have a blank cheque, that there are MPs there to hold him to account.”

Sir Keir Starmer answering questions from journalists
Poll data analysis suggests Sir Keir Starmer has built a broad Labour coalition but support for Labour remains soft (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

A Labour spokesperson described the trailed words from the Prime Minister as “more desperate nonsense from the Conservatives who have shown that they have no answers to the problems facing the country”.

They added: “A vote for anyone but Labour on Thursday risks the public waking up to desperate Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister again on Friday. His unfunded manifesto would mean £4,800 more on people’s mortgages, NHS waiting lists rocketing to 10 million, and family finances hit further.

“Over 14 years, the Tories have failed to deliver. The public deserves the chance for change and Labour has a plan to deliver it.

“The only way voters can avoid the risk of five more years of Tory government, is by voting for change with Labour.”