What Each Sun Sign Can Expect to Happen in Their Love Life During Mercury Retrograde

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From Cosmopolitan

Yep, from now through March 10, Mercury will be moonwalking in the signs of Pisces and Aquarius. During this time, communication may go haywire, travel may be haunted by delays, and our dating lives will be extra complicated. Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity for us all to revise, reassess, and rethink (basically, all the re- words!).

And heads up: all this big retrograde energy may create chaotic issues in our love lives and even push us to slide back into our ex’s DMs. Resist the urge to make a mess out of this transit, and keep reading for a look at how Mercury Retrograde will specifically affect your dating life—then prepare accordingly. You’ve been warned, people!!


Don’t hold back! Resist the urge to silence your desires and needs while talking to your boo. Admit it: your sudden inclination to be quiet can be blamed on some recent oversharing on your part, which made you feel embarrassed. FYI, they weren’t judging you for your bluntness. Quite the opposite, actually.


A friend can become more than, um, just your friend rn. Thing is, the relationship won’t actually last into the next month. Proceed with caution before making the switch from buds to lovers, as it may complicate the future of your relationship—which is exactly what you don’t want.


Although you’ve been dating someone for a while, you’re having anxiety about taking it to the next level. As in, making it Social Media Official. Good news: you don’t have to rush to change your relationship status as long as you tell your boo how much you care IRL.


You’re totally vibing on the hottie in your yoga class, which isn’t helping you perfect your downward dog—just sayin’. Don’t be shy! Ask them out for post-class coffee to see if you two have chemistry…or if it’s just a crush and you go back to balancing without distraction.


We all know that you love to show off to others when you first meet them—but you don’t need to prove you’re a baller on all of your dates by picking up the tabs. Let your date chip in or at least alternate who’s paying to avoid financial setback$.


Try to be upfront with your boo about your hopes and desires for the relationship. Don’t allow yourself to feel as though you are just going along with whatevs. Speak up! Although it may be hard during the retrograde, use your decisive communicative skills to be frank with bae.


You’re totes the romantic type, and you give your all to love. But, when is it too much? You’ll find that you’re giving more to your potential S.O. than you initially signed up for thanks to their needy tendencies. It’s time for you to set—and stick—to boundaries with them.


A former crush who you are not in the mood to deal with is zombie-ing you now. You are totally frustrated with the fact that they’re in your orb after all the dramz that went down between you both. You don’t have to respond. It’s okay to ignore them. JSYK.


You may feel like giving up on the dating scene, and staying in with your good friends gravity blanket and Netflix. It’s not that you’re over love, but you’re taking a breather to heal from the past and to focus on yourself rather than someone else.


You’re totally on the prowl for some fresh meat during this retrograde. But you may find your options less than intellectually stimulating. Sigh. Before giving in and texting your long standing FWB, ask a friend to play matchmaker for you. Your bestie may know someone who’s a perfect fit for you on every level.


Although it’s not necessarily advisable to jumpstart a relationship during this time, you’ll dive deep into the dating pool to try to find your one and only. Good news: with much perseverance, you’ll find your ultimate match. Take it slow to ensure you’re making the right commitment before you sign off on it.


Reviving an old romance or circling back to a former match on Tinder will help you get back into the swing of dating (after your recent break). You’ll find that your long lost Tinder boo and you have more in common than you thought—leading to a retrograde fling.

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