This Summer, All We Want Are These 18 Hydrating Skin-Care Products

India Yaffe

The summer season presents a unique challenge for our skin. On the one hand, it's hot, which means we're generally sweatier and oilier than the winter months. On the other hand, depending on what climate you live in, the air can be dry, which sucks any available moisture out of your skin. Since there's nothing worse than feeling, and looking, like you could use a few glasses of water, we've turned to Sephora to shop for the best hydrating skincare products. These 18 picks are lightweight enough for the summer, but they won't dry you out, and they won't make your skin feel stripped.

From cleansers to toners, serums, masks, and moisturizers, these are the products worth shopping if you want dewy, hydrated skin this Summer. Whether you've got dry, combination, or oily skin, there are picks in here that were made for your face. Say hello to your best skin yet, all thanks to Sephora.


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