“Summer House”: Lindsay Raises Eyebrows with Gratuitous Dig She 'Might Give the Ring Back' to Carl (Exclusive)

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode of the Bravo series, Lindsay Hubbard comes for her then-fiancé Carl Radke out of nowhere while giving a dinner toast

That’s not quite amore on the Summer House cast’s pizza night.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s episode, Lindsay Hubbard kicks the meal off with a toast when the housemates (minus Paige DeSorbo) go out for dinner.

“Good vibe,” begins Lindsay, 37. “But on the real real, I’m really enjoying like, this camaraderie with the group. I think the boys bringing in boy energy is great.”

At that, male housemates Kyle Cooke, Jesse Solomon, West Wilson and Lindsay’s fiancé Carl Radke decide to bark.

“Did you hear Carl’s bark?” asks West, 28.

Lindsay quickly snaps back, “I don’t want to hear Carl’s bark because I might give the ring back.”

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Amanda Batula makes a shocked face after hearing that and her husband Kyle, 41, clocks it as a strange thing to say, too.

“What?” Kyle wonders aloud.

Lindsay simply moves on with her speech. “I feel like hanging out and enjoying each other’s company and doing things together like I feel like we didn’t have last summer, especially us,” the former publicist says to Danielle Olivera. “And I feel like we’re doing great.”

<p>Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty</p> 'Summer House' stars Danielle Olivera (left) and Lindsay Hubbard

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

'Summer House' stars Danielle Olivera (left) and Lindsay Hubbard

Gabby Prescod feels good about how the summer started, too.

“We are on a different path than last summer,” she declares.

After everyone clinks drinks, Jesse, 30, inquires about Paige’s whereabouts.

“It has been discussed that maybe you have like, a thing for Paige, and she’s a taken, kept woman,” Lindsay says to Jesse, referring to Paige, 31, dating Southern Charm star Craig Conover.

“I heard captive,” Kyle quips.

<p>David Becker/Bravo/Getty</p> Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover at Bravocon 2023 in Las Vegas on Nov. 4

David Becker/Bravo/Getty

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover at Bravocon 2023 in Las Vegas on Nov. 4

Ciara Miller, 28, gives Jesse a warning: “Craig is coming next weekend, so you need not to be wondering what Paige is up to my friend.”

Jesse insists he hasn’t crossed a line with Paige and believe he’s “just been normal” and “friendly.”

Danielle, 36, quickly disagrees, telling him: “They told me that you touched Paige’s leg.”

In a previous episode, Jesse admitted to often pursuing taken women.

“There’s so many girls out there that don’t have boyfriends, but the best ones typically do,” he said in a confessional interview. “And I’m a killer, like I get with girls. Not like I’d steal your girl, but if there’s a cute girl, I’m going to go after her.”

<p>Noam Galai/BRAVO via Getty Images</p> 'Summer House' star Jesse Solomon

Noam Galai/BRAVO via Getty Images

'Summer House' star Jesse Solomon

As for Lindsay and Carl, 39, she did end up giving back the 4.02-carat Nicole Rose ring after he called off the engagement at the end of the summer. Lindsay claimed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last Thursday that Carl “demanded” the ring back following their split.

“There’s New York law and then there’s etiquette,” Lindsay said. “I think in New York there’s a law with engagement rings that says if it’s a contingency gift, contingent upon there being a wedding and a marriage. If there is no wedding and marriage, the gift belongs to the giver, so legally the ring belongs to him.”

New York Civil Rights Law stipulates that “an individual may recover property or other gifts where the sole motivation for the transfer was a contemplated marriage which never occurred.”

Lindsay told Andy, 55, that she removed her engagement ring from Carl “pretty much immediately” after their breakup “gave it to my jeweler for safe keeping.” “She gave it back to him when he emailed me and demanded it back,” Lindsay alleged.

<p>Noam Galai/BRAVO via Getty (2)</p> 'Summer House' stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

Noam Galai/BRAVO via Getty (2)

'Summer House' stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke

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Carl told PEOPLE ahead of Summer House season 8’s premiere that he and Lindsay still have “some entanglements” to work out, including the Manhattan apartment they once shared.

“The day that we had the conversation about moving forward with the wedding, I did speak to her dad, and he recommended I take some space. Since that day, I've not really stayed at the apartment,” Carl said. “I didn't feel comfortable. As things evolved, it was clear that I can't live there, obviously. Trying to work that out, it's been very difficult. I'm just praying for some resolution at some point.”

On WWHL, Lindsay said she insisted Carl continue to pay half of the rent for their apartment despite him no longer living there. “We resigned our lease a month before he broke up,” she claimed. “That’s something that should've been thought through and it wasn't. That’s not a me problem.”

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Summer House season 8 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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