Suicide Squad's Remaining Players Rewarded With Ugly Arkham Skins

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WB Games and Rocksteady’s online supervillain looter-shooter, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, received some new skins ahead of the game’s upcoming season 1 episode 2 update. But the new skins haven’t gone over well with the game’s remaining players who aren’t sure how much longer they can keep playing.

Released in February to so-so reviews, Suicide Squad hasn’t had a great run. Even before launch, many questioned why Rocksteady was making a big, expensive live-service shooter instead of a new single-player DC-based action game, like the studio’s previously well-received Batman: Arkham games. At release, fans and critics complained about the game’s receptive missions, grind-y end game, and online issues. Suicide Squad’s big season 1 update—which added the Joker and some new content—didn’t do much to turn the game around in the eyes of players. And now, as the second part of the first season finally arrives, some new, ugly skins have confused and angered players.


On May 22, Suicide Squad players spotted new cosmetic items in the in-game store. The new skins are inspired by how The Joker looks during the end of Arkham Asylum after ingesting the Titan compound and turning into a giant, hideous monster. The new Suicide Squad skins feature exposed bone, blood, and scars and don’t look great! They do remind me that Arkham Ayslum’s ending was bad though...

Over on Reddit, Suicide Squad’s dwindling playerbase—which most days hovers around less than 350 on Steam DB’s charts—was unhappy and annoyed about the new “Titan” skins, calling them ugly, terrible, and bad.

Screenshot: Reddit / Kotaku
Screenshot: Reddit / Kotaku

Players also pointed out that the “new” skins seemed to be modified versions of previously existing prison-themed skins, which didn’t help make these Titan cosmetics any more popular.

Meanwhile, on the game’s official Discord server, most players were too busy yelling about how Suicide Squad is dead, dying, or soon to be killed by WB Games to spend much time complaining about the new skins, but the few comments I did spot weren’t positive. (Though some Joker mains seemed to like his specific version of the Titan skin.)

It’s possible that on May 23, when the next part of the current season arrives—bringing with it new gear, missions, and abilities—the playerbase will turn around on Suicide Squad and its numbers will skyrocket on consoles and PC. However, that’s looking more and more doubtful as the few remaining players seem tired of the lack of updates, the bad skins, and grinding endlessly for little reward. I’m not sure even Batman or Superman could save the day at this point.


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