Suez Canal Ship Has Been Freed — and So Have All the Memes

Andi Ortiz
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After five days, the Suez Canal has finally been cleared, and it’s unclear if the people of the internet are having more fun memeing the blockage or the unblockage.

On Tuesday, a massive container vessel called the Ever Given became lodged in the waterway. The canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and divides Africa and Asia, is a key route for maritime commerce, and the weeklong blockage stalled billions of dollars a day in business.

Naturally, the people of the internet tried to keep spirits up, immediately crafting memes from photos of the vessel lodged in the canal. Some proposed creative ways of dislodging the Ever Given, suggesting everything from Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas to some good old WD-40.

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they’d be able to move the ship on the suez canal

— rachael (@markruffaloTD) March 28, 2021

send Leslie Knope to the Suez Canal

— danny devito ♡ ☆ (@SITCOMMILFS) March 28, 2021

I submit for consideration that the blockage of the Suez canal is that rare thing: a significant world problem that could actually be solved by Superman.

— Peter Adamson (@HistPhilosophy) March 28, 2021

Solution to every problem#suezcanal #SuezCrisis

— Satoshi Archives (@satoshiarchives) March 28, 2021

On Monday morning, the cargo ship was dislodged thanks to the efforts of salvage teams, who worked straight through the five days it was stuck. In the end, it was an assist from Sunday’s full moon and the resulting tides that finally allowed the ship to come loose, around 3 p.m. local time.

As it finally began to move, ships that had gotten queued up during the wait blared their horns in celebration.

Of course, once the Ever Given was finally freed, the memes only got better. Some took guesses at the “real” cause of the fix, while others joked about the resulting celebration. Carrie Wittmer, a writer, even went so far as to compare the situation to a scene in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

the Suez Canal today

— Carrie Wittmer 👻 (@carriesnotscary) March 29, 2021

the boat stuck in the suez canal was finally free…. but I couldn’t help but wonder when i’d be free from the prison of my mind

— meg z (@bymeg) March 29, 2021

the woman who freed the ship from the suez canal

— gabe bergado (@gabebergado) March 29, 2021

With a full-blown shipping crisis avoided, Twitter really did what it does best. Check out more of the best memes and reactions to the Suez Canal saga below:

This is how I imagine things are going at the Suez Canal

— Emily (@EmilyGlatter) March 28, 2021

the ever given stuck in the suez canal (2021)

— jake me off ™ (@ltpenguin_) March 29, 2021

twitter: put it back

suez canal crew: huh


— Indy 🐧 (@IndecisiveJones) March 29, 2021

Autobots have arrived to assist at the Suez Canal

— Memph (@MemphisR56) March 28, 2021

Live scenes from the Suez Canal

— Jack Bernhardt (is promoting @footiebookclub) (@jackbern23) March 29, 2021

me and the boys when they get the big boat out of the suez canal

— Big Joel (@biggestjoel) March 28, 2021

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