Suella Braverman urges Rishi Sunak to 'change the plan' after 'terrible' election results

Suella Braverman urges Rishi Sunak to 'change the plan' after 'terrible' election results

Suella Braverman has hit out at Rishi Sunak, saying the prime minister’s plan is “not working” and called the Tory local election results “terrible”.

The Conservative Party lost the West Midlands mayoral contest as well as the Blackpool South parliamentary seat to Labour and 400 council seats nationwide.

The Tories were also unable to pull off a shock in London as Sadiq Khan won the mayoral election to get a third term in office.

Ms Braverman, a former home secretary under Mr Sunak, told the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg: “The plan is not working and I despair at these terrible results.

“There is no spinning these results, there is no disguising the fact that these have been terrible election results for the Conservatives and they suggest that we are heading to a Labour government and that fills me with horror.

“I love my country, I care about my party and I want us to win, and I am urging the prime minister to change course, to with humility to reflect on what voters are telling us, and change the plan and the way that he is communicating and leading us.”

The Fareham MP said she accepted that it was now too late to change leader with a general election expected to be held this autumn.

“I just don’t think that is a feasible prospect right now, we don’t have enough time and it is impossible for anyone new to come and change our fortunes to be honest,” she said.

“There is no superman or super woman out there who can do it.”

Mr Sunak has appeared resolute that his leadership was still right for the party and the country.

In a statement, he said: “It’s been disappointing of course to lose dedicated Conservative councillors and Andy Street in the West Midlands, with his track record of providing great public services and attracting significant investment to the area, but that has redoubled my resolve to continue to make progress on our plan.

“So we will continue working as hard as ever to take the fight to Labour and deliver a brighter future for our country.”