Sudanese artists preserve traditional jewelry

STORY: This is how traditional Meroitic jewelry is made in Sudan

Location: Omdurman, Sudan

The country’s difficult economic situation is deterring some people from buying jewelry

and pushing others to melt what they already own for the value of the metal

These artists are trying to preserve the ancient craft

(Younes Mahmoud, Artist)

“This kind of jewelry is vanishing, now jewelry is imported from the Gulf, Italy and other countries. This kind of artwork is not as common now.”

The ancient Meroitic culture was known for its fine metal work and artifacts

Women traditionally wear such jewels at weddings and special celebrations

(Nesreen Omer Suleiman Koko, Jewelry gallery owner)

"The economic situation has affected jewelry making. Also, these days, at weddings you sometimes find brides wearing Indian or Moroccan attire, why don't we maintain our traditional attire and add some modern touches to it?"