‘Succession’ Star Kieran Culkin Explains Roman’s ‘Spiraling Out’ in Episode 6: ‘Pressure Reaches a Boiling Point’ (Video)

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Sunday’s episode of “Succession,” titled “Living+”, saw Roman (Kieran Culkin) shake up the executive ranks of Waystar Royco with two high-profile firings: the head of Waystar Studios Joy Palmer (Annabeth Gish) and the company’s general counsel Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron).

“Kendall and I are being put in this position where we’re in charge now and it’s very fast,” actor Kieran Culkin explained during the series’ latest behind-the-scenes featurette. “A lot of pressure reaches a boiling point and ‘You’re fired. Get out.’”

Speaking on the conversation between Gerri and Roman that led to her firing, Smith-Cameron noted that Gerri is unable to see Roman as anything but a “low-status sort of brat.”

“He’s really wanting to get from me that I think he’s important and manly and powerful,” she added. “And I think after [the firing] they’ve both been really hurt.”

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After firing Gerri, Roman is immediately concerned about the impact of the decision he just made.

“I don’t think Roman walks away with like with some pep in his step thinking ‘Yeah I did it,’” Culkin said. “It’s ‘I’m spiraling here.'”

However, he is quickly comforted by Kendall (Jeremy Strong).

“To get a little pat on the back from him is like, ‘All right. Yeah, let’s fire Gerri,'” Culkin added.

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“Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong argued that there’s “different ways of looking at how violent he is with his firings.”

“Is that a disaster or is it the great strength to be able to do those things?” Armstrong posited. “We sort of have to wait and see.”

Watch the full behind-the-scenes look in the video above.

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