Subway Passengers Trapped in Waist-High Water Led to Safety in Zhengzhou, China

Commuters in Zhengzhou, China, were safely evacuated from subway cars on Tuesday, July 20, after extreme flooding in the province of Henan submerged a metro line.

Social media footage showed passengers in water above their waists in the cars as heavy rainfall accumulated between two stations on the city’s metro line 5, according to local news reports.

This footage released by the China Fire Brigade shows firefighters assisting the passenger evacuation through a subway tunnel on Tuesday afternoon, the brigade wrote in a caption.

Elsewhere in the city, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University transferred about 600 critically injured patients from their facility after severe flooding caused a power outage on Tuesday evening, according to local media.

The Henan Meteorological Observatory announced continued warnings for heavy rainfall on Tuesday as at least 100 millimeters (about four inches) of rain was expected to accumulate across the province, local media reported. Credit: China Fire Brigade via Storyful

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