Subang man gives delivery job to Grab Food rider who quit school to support family

Mark Ryan Raj
Ganesh (left) said that he was extremely grateful to Aiman (right) for lending him a helping hand. — Picture via Facebook/Aiman Manan.

PETALING JAYA, Oct 21 — One positive attribute about Malaysians is that we are always willing to help those in need.

Facebook user, Aiman Manan exemplified this when he helped out a Grab Food rider after getting to know him. 

In a post on his Facebook account, Aiman told the story of how he first met Ganesh, a self-employed hard worker who does multiple delivery jobs including working as a rider for Grab Food. 

Ganesh has been working since age 15 when he dropped out of school to help his family put food on the table. 

They first met when Ganesh was delivering Aiman’s food order, and he was startled at how well-mannered and courteous Ganesh was on duty. 

“What caught me was the fact that the boy was really well-spoken and polite,” said Aiman. 

Impressed by the way Ganesh conducted himself, Aiman offered him a job as a delivery rider around the Klang Valley area for his healthcare and supplements company Natura, seeing as Ganesh did other delivery jobs as well.

He did not regret his decision either as Ganesh continued to impress with his code of conduct, and his impeccable timing.

“We tried his service a couple of times and this guy was pinpoint with his timing, never once late and when we cross-checked with our customers, they said similar things too, well-spoken, polite and on time,” said Aiman. 

What made Ganesh’s professionality even more impressive is that, unlike many, he did not have the privilege of a full education.

Ganesh now also works for Aiman’s company Natura, where he manages inventory and deliveries, whilst still juggling his daily deliveries. — Picture via Facebook/Aiman Manan.

Aiman explained that after chatting with Ganesh, he found out that Ganesh had a tough childhood and just could not go to school any longer, which is why instead of continuing his studies, he worked at McDonald’s for eight years. 

“Ganesh had a rough upbringing. He managed to be in school up to Form 3, so McDonald’s is where he spent seven years of his life,” said Aiman. 

“Then he did a couple of other things and finally landed in Grab.”

Ganesh’s father left the family when he was only a young boy, and being the oldest of his four siblings, he decided to sacrifice his education to support his family, taking the burden off of his mother’s shoulders.

That’s what led Puchong-based Ganesh to taking on multiple delivery jobs to support himself as well as put money aside for his family. 

“Whatever amount he earns for a day, he would then bank in RM100 into his savings account and put some money in his family’s pot,” said Aiman. 

“Being in this line, he said that he’s been cheated by clients who gave him lots of jobs, but didn’t end up paying him.”

Hearing about his struggles, Aiman, who is Natura’s chief executive officer, felt that he could do more to help Ganesh, by offering him another job at his company, because of his ability to upsell a product and the fact that he is so polite, honest and efficient in his work. 

Aiman offered Ganesh a job to manage inventory and orders for Natura, whilst not limiting him from carrying out his other delivery services at the same time so that he could get a fixed pay and learn some new skills. 

“Only thing he needs to do is plan his day accordingly. I believe hustle is the way to go, and Ganesh is capable of doing so, huge potential for a bright, young man,” said Aiman. 

Aiman’s post has since garnered over 9,000 likes and almost 3,000 shares on Facebook and has also increased the number of daily deliveries that Ganesh makes from four to six orders, to almost 40 a day, as many are keen to help him out. 

Ganesh’s life has really taken a turn for the better, ever since his story was shared, as he now earns more than RM2,000 a month working with Aiman, compared to the RM500 he used to get when freelancing. 

“I’m very grateful to Aiman for helping me out, he did a lot for me,” said Ganesh

“I’m also thankful for all the people who have called in and supported me since the post was made, it will help me a great deal towards providing for my family.”

He has also been contacted by many established companies on the possibility to work with as a partner for them on a long-term basis. 

Ganesh also plans to save up to buy a car to take his delivery services to the next level.

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