Subang Jaya man offers reward for selfless act by Foodpanda delivery rider

Mark Ryan Raj
Even the rain couldn't stop a good deed by this Foodpanda rider. — Picture courtesy of Facebook/Dgsw Goh

PETALING JAYA, Sept 11 — It was a simple act, but it could have saved lives, let alone damage to the vehicles of other motorists.

The selfless act of a food delivery rider during a downpour on Monday to brave the pouring rain and remove a long metal pipe that lay in the middle of the road in Bandar Sunway in Subang Jaya – is praiseworthy to say the least.

The deed did not go unnoticed.

A Facebook user by the nickname of Dgsw Goh was driving on the road facing the Sunway Medical Centre, when he spotted the Foodpanda delivery rider in action.

Taken aback by the rider’s effort, he posted the act on his Facebook page to get social media users to help him identify the rider, to offer his own personal reward for the effort.

“Hi Malaysians, if anyone knows who this Panda rider is, please extend my message to him,” wrote Goh.

“I was going through Sunway that evening and the rain was pouring down, and he emergency braked in front of me out of a sudden, to remove the long metal pipe from the road.”

He added that he was so proud of the rider’s actions and was touched by his selflessness as well.

“I wish to meet him so that I can offer him a little token of appreciation that might help to ease his troubles,” wrote Goh.

Goh was not the only one who was in admiration and appreciation for the rider’s unselfish act, as the post has been liked nearly 10,000 times, with over two thousand shares.

Social media users were also quick to commend the rider as they flooded the comments with compliments.

Comments of praise poured in from social media users on Facebook for the Foodpanda rider. — Picture courtesy of Facebook/Dgsw Goh

Many praised the “unsung hero” who stopped during the storm to help out other drivers and riders saying that he was “the best”, while one user mentioned that every Malaysian should live like this, by complimenting and appreciating one another.

Another user took his actions more spiritually, saying that God would reward the rider every time someone uses that road.

“If he intended to do it because of God, imagine how much God will reward him considering that vehicles go up and down that road every day”.

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