A stuntman steering a car with his feet loses control, injuring 9 people in northern Italy


A stuntman steering a car with his feet while sitting on its roof lost control and struck a barrier during an exhibition in the northern Italian city of Verona on Friday, injuring nine spectators.

Video shows the driver exiting the cab, taking his place on the roof and starting to steer with his feet before the car quickly spins out of control, striking the barrier where dozens of people were standing to watch the show. Many tumbled to the ground; nine were taken to hospitals for light injuries including bruises.

The announcer can be heard in the video saying, “he’s driving like that,’’ before his tone grew more urgent, yelling, “Attention!’' to the spectators.

The stuntman exited the car and appeared not to be injured.

The event was part of the Motor Bike Expo running through Sunday by Veronafiere, which organizes trade fairs.