Stunning moment thousands of bats emerge from cave in Thailand

This is the stunning moment thousands of bats emerged from their cave for a night of hunting.

Locals say the Thomas's horseshoe bats bring good luck to the area - with some believing there could by up to a million living in the cave in Ratchaburi, central Thailand.

Footage from Tuesday (January 28) night shows the dark black cloud of bats winding across the sky as the leave their home for nocturnal pursuits in search of food.

The cave has become a popular tourist attraction where visitors capture pictures of the bats, while locals generate income by collecting the creatures' dung and using it as fertiliser.

Village headman Singha Sittikul said: "I was born and raised here living with the bats for more than 40 years.

"Living with them has never bothered us but it brings many benefits as their dung can be turn into an excellent fertilizer which comes with a good price."