Stunning lion silhouette moment filmed in the African wild

The video shows a beautiful silhouette moment of a male lion and his cubs that I managed to capture just after sunset in the African wild. I was lucky enough to find myself in the right place at the right time, feeling like I was living in a scene from the Lion King movie. Living and working in the African wild is a great privilege and the opportunities for filming and photographing true wilderness nature are endless. While living in the bush every day brings about constant new filming opportunities, the ultimate shots and moments come around at random times and one can go for days or even weeks without filming anything major. Like with anything else in life, it is important to keep going and eventually things will turn your direction. It was a late summer afternoon when I followed up on a nearby pride of lions that was spotted earlier in the day. It was just before sunset and tracking a pride of lions at that time of the day becomes more difficult and dangerous. The sun was busy setting behind the horizon when me and my wife decided to call it a day. Just as we thought the search was over, we came around a corner and there they were. A pride of lions lying scattered around, elevated on top of a hill. The most prominent features were a big male lion and his cubs during this time. The sun just dropped below the horizon. The elevated lions, together with the golden orange shine at dusk glowing behind them, made for a magical silhouette moment. I couldn’t believe my luck and how much we were in the right place at the right time. It felt like I was filming a scene from the Lion King while the early evening sounds of the African bush added to the magical atmosphere. The big male lion and his two cubs were on the hill and in perfect position to create these stunning silhouette visuals. In that moment it felt surreal and as if I was in a fantasy world, created by nature right in front of me. How beautiful nature can be in so many different ways. I am glad I am able to share this special moment from the African wild with everyone else.