Stunning footage of fish eagle arriving with dinner in its talons

Osprey, also known as fish eagles are gigantic birds, very close in size to a bald eagle. They perch in nests built high off the ground in dead trees or on power line poles. They always live near open water because their diet consists solely of fish. Expert aerial predators, they can spy a fish near the surface and swoop down with lightning speed and accuracy to grasp their prey and pluck it right out of the water. This nest is located near Rice Lake in Ontario, Canada. The two fish eagles who inhabit the nest have just returned from their winter residence in the south. The nesting pair have been out hunting and they have just returned, bringing part of a fish that they have caught. It has already been partially eaten by the time they arrive home. It appears to be the tail of a large crappie, one of the forage fish that are common to Rice Lake. The powerful wings of the osprey allow it to carry creatures that are heavier than they are, and often, the fish that they prey on are very large. The talons of the fish eagle have barbs on them that make it almost impossible to let go of the fish without landing. This is why he walks awkwardly across the nest with his catch. He will need to pull the fish from his claws using his his beak. These birds will eat fish every day as they mate and raise their chicks. Once the chicks hatch, their job of feeding the hungry babies will keep them busy all day long.

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