New study reveals kids rule the roost when it comes to big household decisions

“Parents who ‘pick and choose battles’ tend to find that it helps everything else around the home run smoothly”  (SWNS)
“Parents who ‘pick and choose battles’ tend to find that it helps everything else around the home run smoothly” (SWNS)

A poll of 2,000 parents with children from 5-16 found 49 per cent claim their little ones usually have an input in the big household decisions – as 31 per cent think it makes for a “quieter life”.

While 34 per cent said their children have control over what plays on the car stereo, and 47 per cent allow youngsters their say in decorating their bedroom.

Culinary decisions are also not exempt from the kids’ control – as 43 per cent consult their offspring about the weekly grocery list, and 22 per cent ask for their meal of choice.

And when it comes to holidays, 62 per cent said family trips are improved when the children are involved in the decision-making process.

The research was commissioned by Haven Holidays as part of its campaign to recruit a team of “kidfluencers” to dream up their ultimate summer holiday and turn their best suggestions into reality.

Sarah Chapman, chief customer officer for the holiday park company, said: “Parents who ‘pick and choose battles’ tend to find that this helps everything else around the home run smoothly.

“It’s encouraging to see parents of children as young as five are empowering their young ones to help make family decisions, both big and small, without them feeling that children are ‘ruling the roost’.

“When it comes to making holiday plans, consulting with children can help conserve spending too – as you won’t waste money on destinations or activities they don’t enjoy."

The study also found 89 per cent of parents consider it important their youngsters have a say in family matters.

More than half (54 per cent) think it makes children more independent, while 52 per cent believe it makes them feel like an equal member of the household.

But 88 per cent admitted to being impressed by their children when it comes to their decision-making ability in these fields.

And 52 per cent have even changed their minds on something they’d previously decided, due to input from their little ones.

For 47 per cent of parents, giving children the platform to speak their mind encourages critical thinking, according to the OnePoll data.

Sarah Chapman, from Haven Holidays, added: “Letting kids have their say is clearly very important to parents and it’s wonderful to see this in action on holiday.

“With the research revealing just how much influence children have over family decisions, we want to give youngsters the power to imagine their ultimate holiday activities.

"That’s why we’re recruiting a team of “kidfluencers” to make their mark on our park activities this summer - the more family fun the better.”

Household decisions kids most often give input on:

  1. How to decorate their bedroom

  2. What to have for dinner

  3. What to watch on the TV

  4. What board games to play

  5. What to watch at the cinema

  6. What toppings to add to a pizza when ordering a takeaway

  7. What treats to buy when food shopping

  8. Where to go out to eat

  9. What to listen to in the car

  10. What presents to buy other family members

  11. Where to go on holiday

  12. What should go on the weekly shopping list

  13. Whether to stop on the way home for fast food

  14. Whether they’re old enough to watch a movie with an older age rating

  15. What time they should come home after being out with their friends

  16. What time they should be going to bed

  17. Whether to add more of something when cooking

  18. What plants to buy for the garden

  19. How to decorate the house

  20. What TV to buy in the family home