Strongest Earthquake in Almost 30 Years Shakes Salt Lake City

The United States Geological Service (USGS) measured a 5.7-magnitude earthquake near Salt Lake City, Utah, early Wednesday morning, March 18, the strongest in the state since 1992, local media reported.

By Wednesday at 1.20 pm, there had been 59 aftershocks, the Utah Department of Natural Resources said.

The Utah Emergency Management team said that within a normal year, Utah could expect one magnitude-4 earthquake. An earthquake of a magnitude 5 had not occurred in Salt Lake County since 1962, according to local media.

Caitlin Probst of West Jordan, a suburb of Salt Lake City, shared this video from her Nest home-security camera showing the moment the earthquake hit. Seconds later, she and her husband – followed closely by their dog – tear through the frame to get to their children’s room. West Jordan is three miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. Credit: Caitlin Probst via Storyful