Striking South Korean truckers target chipmakers

STORY: Striking South Korean truckers took a more aggressive approach Friday (June 10), and that could spell new trouble for supply chains.

A group tried to stop vehicles entering a petrochemical complex in Ulsan city.

A senior union official said their action had cut the number of vehicles getting into the facility to one tenth of normal levels.

Truckers also plan to stop shipments of raw materials for semiconductors, raising fresh fears for global chip supplies.

South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol said the government should be neutral on the matter.

"Only when the government sticks to the law and principles and remains neutral, will labor and management be able to build the capacity to resolve their issues freely on their own.”

Thousands of truckers went on strike in the country this week to protest fuel prices.

It has disrupted shipments for many companies and slowed activity at ports.

The strike saw production halved at Hyundai's biggest factory in Ulsan on Thursday (June 9).

The truckers have demanded pay increases.

They also want a pledge that an emergency measure guaranteeing freight rates will be extended beyond its deadline this December.

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