Streets remain empty in Shanghai as COVID cases fall

STORY: Stringent lockdown measures after the outbreak began in early March left the city's 25 million people struggling with the loss of income, irregular food supplies, family separations and poor conditions in quarantine.

While 16.3 million people are still barred from leaving flats or housing compounds, a city health official said on Wednesday, 7.85 million can return to factories or walk outside, a rise of 2 million from last week.

Public transport remains shut, unapproved vehicles are not allowed on the roads and the only people able to move around relatively freely are the police, delivery drivers, neighbourhood committee members and healthcare workers.

Shanghai reported 16,407 new local asymptomatic coronavirus cases for Tuesday (April 19), down from 17,332 the previous day.

Two of Shanghai's 16 districts, Jinshan and Chongming, reported no new cases outside quarantined areas, while seven had numbers in the single digits.

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