Street food stalls lose their color in Mexico City

STORY: Mexico City's street food stalls will soon lose their colorful signage

A borough in the Mexican capital ruled that the vintage signs

will be replaced with a standard government-issued logo

Stall owners and locals are concerned about the loss of identity

[Alvaro Maya, Cafe-stall owner]

“These kinds of details convince clients where to eat. If they just see 'Cuauhtemoc borough,' this does not make them hungry and many lose interest. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but not so many people pass by this sidewalk. It’s because of this detail.”

[Sandra, Local resident]

"For those who aren't familiar with the stalls it may be tricky to spot them. What does this sell? What does this offer? So only those who are familiar with them will be perfectly able to spot them and keep consuming at the same place as usual.”

But the borough is standing firm on its decision

[Sandra Cuevas, Mayor, Cuauhtemoc borough]

“I want them to understand that in the Cuauhtemoc borough we have over 100,000 stall owners and over 100,000 families that depend on these types of trade. So, we have to find a formula that doesn’t take people’s jobs away while improving the Cuauhtemoc borough’s image.”

"To us, it’s very important that neighbors are able to walk through open, orderly, and clean streets. This is why we will be working hard every day and keep having dialogue with each stall and its owners.”

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