This Street Fighter Cammy Statue Costs More Than A PS5

Image: Big Bad Toy Store / Capcom / Premium Collectibles Studio
Image: Big Bad Toy Store / Capcom / Premium Collectibles Studio

If you’re a collector of action figures and model statues with money to burn, well then I’ve found something perfect for you. Premium Collectibles Studio, a company that’s been selling pop culture and video game statues for over 10 years, has partnered with Capcom for a Street Fighter figure of the female assassin Cammy that somehow costs more than a damn PS5.

As spotted by deals tweeter Wario64, Premium Collectibles Studio has three different Cammy statues for preorder through the Big Bad Toy Store website. All three of them feature the iconic fighter poses in a squating position as she power lifts 180 pounds of weight over her head. The variation across all three is in her outfits, which feature looks from her appearances in Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, and Street Fighter 6. Not only is that impressive—she can bench my entire body weight and then some—but the figures are also exquisitely detailed, with plenty of muscle definition for you to see which groups are activated as she makes those gains. The eye-popping part, though, is the cost of the statues. They’re going for $665—each!

You read that right. This Cammy statue is almost $700. That’s $200 to $300 more than a PlayStation 5, depending on the bundle and model you get. Similarly, that’s $250 more than an Xbox Series X and a whopping $350 more than the Xbox Series S.

I guess it makes sense? According to the Big Bad Toy Store, the figure is made of resin and comes in at approximately 16.5 inches tall. That’s a big girl, even when squatting. Since the entire thing is made of resin, which costs a pretty penny, you gotta recoup the cost of production in some way. I just wasn’t expecting it to run more than a console.

It wouldn’t be the first expensive video game collectible we’ve seen. The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition featured 19 inches of Sephiroth for $350—though that was part of a bundle with a game and other goodies. There’s 18 inches of Messmer The Impaler from Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, but again, that is part of a Collector’s Edition that comes with a bunch more stuff. (You could also spend $500 on the Dark Moon Greatsword to, you know, live your Dark Souls coplay fantasy.) So, if you want 16.5 inches of Cammy squatting in your face with weights over her head, that’ll be $650 please.

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