This street has been dressing royals for 150 years

STORY: Tailors on this London street are busy

preparing for King Charles' coronation

Savile Row has dressed royalty for more than 150 years

The red and gold uniforms crafted here

will be on display at the ceremony

among the 6,000-strong military procession

(Jules Walker, Military tailor at Gieves & Hawkes)

“So, at the moment we’re changing the tail badges on the uniforms of His Majesty’s Body Guard the Gentlemen at Arms. We’re changing them to the new crown, the Tudor crown and we have to do this on 29 uniforms. And they will also have the cyphers on their pouches changes.”

King Charles has long been an

advocate for sustainable fashion

Tailors say there's a focus on repairing and

refreshing outfits instead of making new ones

Shops even had to improve their

environmental record to get a royal warrant

(Anda Rowland, Vice chairman at Anderson & Sheppard)

“The last time we applied, we had to prove that in the period since, since we first applied and then the next time we had reduced our use of packaging and we had to prove that through invoices. We also had to submit our energy bills, and also that we have, you know, certify that we use LED lighting and that all our tungsten bulbs have been replaced. So those are just a few things.”