Streatham terror attacker Sudesh Amman was lawfully killed

An inquest jury has found that terrorist Sudesh Amman was lawfully killed by undercover police during his Streatham knife rampage. Sudesh was shot dead by undercover police officers on Streatham High Road after he stabbed two people in February 2020. He had been released from Belmarsh jail 10 days earlier after serving half of a 40-month sentence for obtaining and distributing material for terrorist purposes. ntelligence agencies believed Amman was “one of the most dangerous individuals” they had investigated. The inquest found that the attack could have been prevented if he had been recalled to prison after buying items used in his fake suicide belt. Sudesh was also said to have spoken in prison to Parsons Green terrorist. Police also failed to search his flat when issues were raised about his suspicious behaviour. .

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