Streaks of Oil Spotted on California's Huntington Beach After Spill

Oil from a massive spill off the coast of Orange County, California, was seen washing up on the sand in Huntington Beach on October 3, video shows.

At least 126,000 gallons spilled from a broken pipeline around three miles from the shore on Saturday, October 2, endangering local wildlife and habitats, Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley said.

The United States Coast Guard was working to contain the oil and had reported collecting 3,150 gallons as of Sunday.

Orange County officials built sand barriers to protect wetlands from the spill.

A local conservation group reported professional crews were working at “full speed” to clean the oil from wetlands. The spill also forced the suspension of fishing in the affected coastal area.

An investigation into the cause of the spill was ongoing, the Coast Guard said.

Video filmed by @AZPROVIDEO shows streaks of oil washed up on the shore in Huntington Beach as local authorities began cleanup efforts. Credit: @AZPROVIDEO via Storyful

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