Stray dog tracks down Johor boy who feeds him daily, gets sad every time he leaves work (VIDEO)

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Ridhuan couldn’t believe that the dog managed to find him at his workplace. — Picture via Twitter/@AtukNature.
Ridhuan couldn’t believe that the dog managed to find him at his workplace. — Picture via Twitter/@AtukNature.

PETALING JAYA, August 21 — For the past couple of weeks, Mohd Ridhuan Daud has been feeding the stray dogs that live nearby his place of work every day.

After missing “feeding time” for a few days however, Ridhuan was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the strays had “tracked him down” to the convenience store that he works at in Johor Baru.

The stray even gets sad every time Ridhuan’s shift ends, and he gets ready to go back home, as the 22-year-old revealed in a video he uploaded onto his Twitter account (@AtukNature) earlier this week.



“It always gets so sad every time I get ready to go home. Don’t be sad, I’m always with you,” said Ridhuan in the tweet.

In the video, Ridhuan tries to console the stray, as he pats it with a glove on his hand, saying that he will “come back tomorrow”.

But no matter what he does, it just can’t seem to get used to the fact that Ridhuan has to leave again.

Ridhuan told mStar that the stray now visits him at his place of work every day, seemingly knowing exactly when his shift is about to end.

“I first met the dog and a couple more strays by the beach near where I stay. I always hang out there after work or after I’ve eaten,” said Ridhuan.

“At first I was a little afraid of them. Because there was more than one. But I noticed that this particular stray wasn’t aggressive in any way, so I built up the courage to feed it and it was really friendly with me.

“But after a few days of not hanging out at the beach, it wandered off into town and found me at the place I work—which is near to the beach. Since it found me, it comes back every day and waits for me in the evenings right before I head home and it gets so sad every time I leave.”



He added that the other strays have also started to wait for him outside his workplace every day.

Ridhuan’s post has since garnered over 8,000 shares, with over 14,000 likes as many social media users couldn’t believe how cute their newfound bond is.

A handful of users weren’t too happy that Ridhuan is so comfortable with the dogs, saying that he should avoid touching them because of his religious beliefs.

However, animal-lover Ridhuan said that he always abides by his beliefs every time he meets his new furry friend and advises others to treat strays with kindness as well.



“Honestly, I don’t care what people think. I still know what I am doing, and I know how to differentiate right from wrong,” he said.

“For me, it’s not wrong to do something nice for the stray dogs. I’m not going against any beliefs or rules. Yes, it is better to avoid touching them, which is why I even wear a glove when I do.

“At the end of the day, dogs are still creatures of God and they deserve to be loved.”

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