‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Cast and Character Guide (Photos)

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Not only is “Stranger Things” Season 4 the biggest season of the Netflix series yet from a scope perspective, it also boasts an enormous ensemble cast. Familiar faces from past seasons plus a bevy of new faces (and one ugly villain) abound in the new episodes, and you’d be forgiven for having trouble keeping track of who’s who.

The story in Season 4 Volume 1 has fractured into several groups or solo characters. Hopper is in Russia, and Joyce and Murray attempt to go rescue him. Mike visits Eleven and Will at Joyce’s new California home for Spring Break. And Dustin, Lucas, Steve, Nancy, Robin and newbie to the group Eddie defend Hawkins, where the eye of the storm is.

Behold, a complete “Stranger Things” Season 4 cast and character guide.

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