‘Stranger Things’ Clinches Top 2 Spots of Nielsen’s Highest-Viewed Program Record

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The only competition “Stranger Things” has is itself.

The hit Netflix series from the Duffer Brothers claimed the second-highest viewing record ever on the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 upon the July 1 release of “Stranger Things 4: Volume 2”, with 5.9 billion viewing minutes. It comes second only to “Stranger Things 4: Volume 1,” which premiered May 27 and racked 7.2 billion viewing minutes.

Following in the top five all-time highest-viewed series on Nielsen’s list are “Tiger King” (with 5.3 billion viewing minutes) and “Ozark” (5.2 billion viewing minutes) during March 2020, as well as another slot for “Stranger Things” (5.1 billion viewing minutes) during the week of May 23, 2022.

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The week of June 27–July 3 also saw entries for Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” and “Sing 2,” which came in second and third, respectively.

Amazon held two spots with Prime Video’s “The Terminal List” nabbing 1.1 billion viewing minutes for the week’s fourth spot and “The Boys” just shy of 1 billion viewing minutes for spot No. 6. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” also cracked the list at No. 9 with 620 million viewing minutes, following its Disney+ premiere on June 22.

Hulu also came in hot on the Original Programs list, garnering fifth for the beloved mystery-comedy “Only Murders in the Building” (526 million viewing minutes) and ninth for the Jeremy Allen White breakout vehicle “The Bear” (349 million viewing minutes).

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