‘Stranger Things 4’ Finale Is So Big It Has More Special Effects Shots Than All of Season 3

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Stranger Things 4” is going to end with the biggest bang the Netflix series has ever seen. Speaking to Empire magazine, series creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed the upcoming season finale will include more VFX shots than all of the show’s third season combined. It’s worth noting the “Stranger Things 4” finale is super-sized and clocks in with a runtime that’s two and a half hours long.

“The final episode has more FX shots than the entirety of Season 3,” Matt Duffer said.

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“There’s an hour-long chunk in the final episode that just doesn’t stop,” added Ross. “It’s the most complicated thing we’ve ever attempted to do. [It’s] all tension and dread, with a run-time that would be long even for a movie. Then – well, everything goes to hell…”

The first seven episodes of “Stranger Things 4” launched May 27, with the final two installments set to drop July 1. The penultimate episode of the season runs 85 minutes, followed by the two and a half hour long finale.

According to Netflix’s Top 10 rankings, “Stranger Things 4” was viewed for 287 million hours during the week of May 23-30, landing in the No. 1 position on the streamer’s list of biggest English-language series debuts of all time. This number came after only three days of availability for the show. The Netflix record was previously held by “Bridgerton” Season 2.

With “Stranger Things” extending its episode runtimes, (the show’s seventh episode ran over 90 minutes), many critics have complained about the new season’s bloated feeling. As Variety critic Caroline Framke wrote in her review: “Either you’re psyched for more ‘Stranger Things’ — the bigger, the better! — or you’re currently squinting at [the runtimes] on your screen trying to parse out what, exactly, could necessitate this many more minutes for a show that was once a decently fun pastiche of ’80s adventure movies.”

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