'Strange' that Iran nuclear footage is missing: IAEA

The issue was not addressed by an agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency on Wednesday (December 15) to let the IAEA re-install cameras there that Iran removed after the apparent attack, which Tehran blames on Israel.

One of four IAEA cameras at Karaj was destroyed in the June incident. Iran removed all four cameras and showed them to the IAEA, but the destroyed camera's data storage device was not included. The IAEA and Western powers have been asking Iran to explain, unsuccessfully so far.

"We have doubts about that and this is why we are asking, 'Where is it?’" Grossi told a news conference when asked if it was credible that the footage simply vanished.

"I am hopeful that they are going to come up with an answer because it's very strange that it disappears."

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