Stranded Minke Whale Euthanized in London's River Thames

A young minke whale has been euthanized after it became stuck against the river wall in London’s Teddington Lock. The lost whale got loose from an inflatable during a rescue attempt at Richmond weir in the early hours of May 10, the RNLI said.

Fiona Adams recorded this video and originally posted it to Twitter. She told Storyful the whale was thought to be on its way out to sea, but instead had swum upriver along the Thames until it reached the lock and became trapped.

According to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), the decision to euthanize was made after it was clear that the whale’s health “deteriorated rapidly over the last couple of hours.”

The BDMLR said in a statement that the whale was having difficulty swimming as its strength reserves seemed to be compromised. BDMLR said a veterinary team was waiting for the animal to become beached to humanely end its suffering. Credit: Fiona Adams via Storyful

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