Straight fights against Pakatan critical to winning Selangor, state PAS leader says

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

ALOR STAR, Sept 3 — PAS must negotiate alliances to ensure straight fights against Pakatan Harapan in Selangor, a delegate said at the party’s 68th Muktamar today.

Selangor deputy PAS commissioner Noor Najhan Mohamad Salleh said PH was the party’s real enemy and urged his party to discuss political cooperation with Umno via Muafakat Nasional in addition to Perikatan Nasional with this in mind.

“Definitely our main enemy is PH. Selangor has great potential to be taken over, provided that the PH candidates in GE15 be opposed one-on-one

“(We need to) negotiate in a coalition of MN other than PN, to complete the distribution of seats fairly for a one-on-one contest,” he said to cheers while debating the president’s policy speech today.

Noor Najhan also said PAS should be allowed to contest under its own logo and mediate between MN and PN.

“This matter is important, because if PAS wants to play the role of peacemaker, then PAS needs to be seen as impartial but friendly to all,” he said.

A Kedah PAS representative, Ustaz Mohamad Helmi Abd Hamid, said the states governed by the Islamist party was a capable administrator.

He said residents in Kelantan, Kedah, and Terengganu could vouch for the economic prosperity and political stability under his party’s leadership.

“In forming of the state government, Kedah is an example as a guide to rule Malaysia in a multi-ethnic society.

“This is because the racial composition of the state of Kedah is the same as that of Malaysia. If we aspire to rule a Prosperous Malaysia, Kedah is the best example or basic guide in ruling.

“Because Kedah has managed to rule in a three-party administration — PAS, Bersatu and also Barisan Nasional — with a racial composition like Malaysia," he said.