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This TikTok-famous magnetic stove shelf offers instant storage: 'Fab space-saver'

We'd all love to have those sprawling counters you see on HGTV, but the reality is, many of us have to make do with limited kitchen surface area. Appliances often take up the bulk of the space, leaving us with a teeny area for meal prep. Throw some cooking gizmos into the mix, and you've got one cluttered-looking room. But, thanks to TikTok, we've found a super simple solution that'll instantly increase your storage: this genius StoveShelf. It's magnetic, meaning no complicated assembly, and it'll keep spices, condiments and more within arm's reach while you cook. That deserves a resounding "Yes, Chef!"

Rather than having a bunch of gadgets and condiments taking up precious counter, cabinet and drawer space, keep them on your range instead!

$40 at Amazon

We'll admit, it's easy to spend way too much time mindlessly scrolling through the app, but we love trusty ol' TikTok when it comes to discovering new finds — especially when they're clever problem solvers, like the StoveShelf. Anyone who's short on space knows that sometimes you have to get creative and use every square inch you can. Well, the makers of this handy ledge had the brilliant idea of utilizing the top of your range, which not only increases storage, it also gives you easy access to your most-reached-for ingredients and tools.

Constructed of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel, this kitchen lifesaver has magnets on the bottom so you can just — boop! — stick it right onto the top of your stove without having to deal with nails or drills or any of that pesky nonsense. It fits most flat and even curved stoves, and comes in 20-, 24- and 30-inch sizes. Because the magnets are adjustable, it can be adapted to your specific range. You can also choose from black, white or stainless steel, depending on your kitchen's color scheme, and the StoveShelf will blend in with your range seamlessly.

If your spices practically spill out of your cabinets whenever you open them, now you can keep a few of your go-tos on top of your stove to save room and make cooking more convenient. The StoveShelf is also great for holding small kitchen tools, like a mortar and pestle, kitchen shears, timers — you name it! Plus, it's got a back to keep things from falling in between your stove and the wall (because we know anything that ends up back there is never coming out).

One thing to note is that if you're using it to hold spices or oils, you'll want to make sure they're ones you go through quickly, as the heat can affect their flavor and longevity.

hands placing the stoveshelf on top of a stove for more kitchen storage
Look Ma, no tools! Instant kitchen storage made quick and easy. (Photo: Amazon)

Over 15,000 Amazon customers were so impressed with the StoveShelf, they gave it a perfect five-star rating:

"What a lifesaver!" exclaimed one rave reviewer. "I got sick and tired of things falling behind my stove because there was a gap between it and the wall behind. This is the perfect size, holds quite a bit, sturdy and literally required ZERO assembly! Highly recommend!"

"Beautiful and convenient," wrote a happy shopper. "The seasonings and oils I use most often are now at my fingertips. No more fumbling in a cabinet! AND it looks like it’s part of the stove and not an add-on! Love … love … love!"

"Such a fab space saver," said another. "We have a super small kitchen with limited counter space and this simple solution helped save a huge spot for us, freeing it up as work space. Highly recommend!"

"Must-have for small kitchens!" gushed a final fan. "One of those products you don’t know how much you need it until it’s in your life! Added much-needed space to a kitchen lacking in counter space."

Psst: The fact that the StoveShelf is magnetic also means it's a breeze to pop it off when it's time to clean. 

$40 at Amazon

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