Stove Top Just Launched Stuffing-Themed Merch, Because It’s the Best Thanksgiving Side Dish

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Photo credit: Stove Top
Photo credit: Stove Top

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On Thanksgiving, you know that you’re going to eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a whole lot of pie, but have you thought about what you’re wearing? We usually like to wear something with plenty of room for all those extra platefuls, but since we’ve been in loungewear for months now, we’re okay with going for something more … fancy. That’s where Stove Top’s Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection comes in.

In 2017, Stove Top gave us stretchy pants, and now we have a whole line. The limited-edition formalwear makes dressing up for a day of eating so much more appropriate. The star of the show is the red velvet dinner jacket that comes with stuffing lining, so it perfectly combines class and food (if there ever were such a combination). You can also accessorize with the stuffing wrap, stuffing cufflinks, stuffing headband, and stuffing handkerchief. 2020 just got more wild (in a good way).

  • Red velvet dinner jacket with stuffing lining: $30

  • Reversible stuffing shawl wrap: $11.50

  • Stuffing cufflinks, aka “Stufflinks”: $9.50

  • Stuffing headband: $6.99

  • Stuffing handkerchief/pocket square: $4.79

Photo credit: Stove Top
Photo credit: Stove Top
Photo credit: Stove Top
Photo credit: Stove Top

“Let’s face it: the sweatpants fatigue is real, and people are looking for any excuse to get dressed up this year,” Juliet Levine, brand manager of Stove Top, said in a press release. “We hope our Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection makes people look and feel their very best this Thanksgiving.”

You can shop the tasty-looking fashion pieces at beginning on Nov. 17 at 12 p.m. They’ll only be available while supplies last, so set a reminder! Each piece retails for $4.79 to $30, so while you might break your pants this Thanksgiving, you won’t break your wallet.

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