The story of a family home lost to Turkey wildfires

Mehmet Demir returned to his family home in Southern Turkey on Saturday (July 31).

What he discovered was a burnt-out building, charred belongings and ashes.

Just days earlier, a raging wildfire destroyed the home where his family had lived for four decades.

Now, the only things left were bedsprings, metal scraps and some kitchenware

“I had this house built in 1982. This was our form of savings for the past 39, 40 years. We are now left with just the clothes we are wearing, me and my wife. There is nothing to do. At this moment, I have no words.

Turkey is battling some of the worst fires in years, with several still burning four days after they erupted on Wednesday.

A new wildfire broke out on Saturday in the Aegean summer hotspot, Bodrum, according to a local broadcaster.

The death toll from the fires rose to at least six on Saturday, including two firefighting personnel, CNN Turk reported.

Demir's home, near the coastal Mediterranean town of Manavgat, was hit by one of almost 100 fires that officials say erupted this week.

"The blaze spread through the highlands and raged suddenly. We had no chance to flee but when we were engulfed by flames we had to flee to the centre of Manavgat. Then we came back to find the house like this."

Wildfires are common in southern Turkey in the hot summer months but local authorities say the latest fires have covered a much bigger area.

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