The story behind a yellow kitchen in Dnipro

STORY: In the midst of Dnipro's ruins sits a small yellow kitchen - brutally exposed after the recent shelling.

This was the home of Mykhailo Korenovskyi and his family.

Not long ago, his daughter had celebrated her birthday in that very room.

This video is a record of a much happier time for them all.

Korenovskyi was among the dozens killed in the Dnipro apartment block strike on Saturday (January 14).

The attack is now the deadliest for civilians since the start of Russia’s three-month bombardment campaign.

His family wept at the memorial service on Tuesday.

The casket on display with flowers.

Korenovskyi was a boxing coach.

His friends say he was a role model for the young athletes he trained.

This colleague says he loved children and that he encouraged them to engage in boxing.

Another said the city - and the whole country - was proud of his students’ achievements.

The hundreds that attended his funeral show a glimpse into Korenovskyi’s life.

What’s left behind of his home - shows how it ended.

The State Emergency Service says the attack killed at least 44 people, including 5 children.

39 people were rescued from the rubble with scores hurt.

Ukraine says the apartment building was struck by a Russian Kh-22 missile.

Russia claims its wave of missile strikes on Saturday did not target any residential buildings.