Stormy Daniels Reveals She Had a Miscarriage After Trump Indictment

Drew Angerer
Drew Angerer

Stormy Daniels, 45, told the Daily Mail’s podcast Everything I Know About Me, that she had a miscarriage and hasn’t had her period since the former president was indicted last March.

Daniels, who first made headlines in 2016 for her affair with Donald Trump and the subsequent hush-money payments that the former president made to try and cover it up, said things were finally starting to settle down in her life right before Trump was indicted on March 30, 2023.

“When the indictment happened last year, not only did I have a miscarriage, but I haven’t had a period since,” Daniels told the Daily Mail. “Like, it has physically destroyed me.”

Daniels added that she also received death and rape threats from Trump supporters.

“I’d kind of forgotten all of this stuff was going on, it had finally gotten quiet, you know, I got married, I got back to directing, I’d returned to the adult industry, everything was kind of getting back to normal,” Daniels reflected. “And of course, here comes Donald Trump to fuck shit up again, although this time he got a little more fucked up than I did.”

Daniels described in 2016, when the story originally broke of her involvement with Trump, she got threats, but they were “frivolous.”

She added that people called her “names like slut, gold digger, stuff that I don’t give a fuck about, whore or stupid porn star, I’m like ‘oh yea, okay, whatever.’”

“This time around it was maybe less threats, but they were darker, they were real, they were like, doing the due diligence to find out where I live; sending me address or a picture of my house; telling me they were going to rape and murder me; they were going to tie my daughter up in graphic detail and watch her, make her watch them rape me,” Daniels explained.

She said her daughter “lived in a basement for two years in hiding, and I barely got to see her.”

“I think that people, the first time around, were afraid to, that they were going to get in trouble,” Daniels said of the Trump fans who made threats to her. “Now that they are not afraid of getting into trouble, they think they’ll get rewarded, ‘If I’m the one who murdered Stormy Daniels, I’ll get a parade!’”

As The Daily Beast previously reported, Dwayne Crawford, former manager and friend of Daniels, organized an GoFundMe for Daniels titled “I Stand with Stormy Daniels #WeAreAllStormy” following Trump’s conviction.

“It’s become unsafe for her family and her pets,” Crawford wrote on the GoFundMe. “Her horses have been shot twice now by protesters and even mainstream media paparazzi trying to provoke her out of her home."

“Stormy needs help to relocate her family to somewhere they can feel safe and live life on their terms,” Crawford added. “She needs assistance to be able to continue to pay the mounting court fees so that Trump doesn’t just win because his pocketbook seems endless.”

The fundraiser has raised a million dollars so far.

“I really can’t believe the outpouring of support and donations received in less than a week! The money did not come from a few wealthy contributors, outspoken celebrities, political activists or organizations. Instead, it was from thousands of ‘regular’ people giving what they could and that means so much to me,” Daniels wrote on the GoFundMe page.

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