Storms kill at least four people in the southern Alps in Switzerland

Storms kill at least four people in the southern Alps in Switzerland

At least four people were killed after extensive flooding and landslides caused by heavy storms struck Switzerland and northern Italy.

The bodies of three people were recovered after a landslide in the Italian-speaking Swiss county of Ticino on the southern side of the Alps.

Heavy rain had pounded the South and West of Switzerland throughout the weekend. Camping sites were evacuated, bridges collapsed, and one person is still missing in the Swiss Lavizzara valley.

Further north, the Rhone river burst its banks in several areas within the Valais region. A motorway and railway line were both flooded.

Local police said that side valleys south of the Rhone saw particularly heavy rain, and the body of a man whose partner had reported him missing was found early Sunday morning. Police said they believed he had been caught by surprise by floodwaters.

Floods, thunderstorms and landslides also hit regions in Italy. Firefighters said they carried out about 80 rescue operations, evacuating dozens of people in the northern Piedmont region.

Near Montanaro, two adults and a three-month-old girl were rescued after the rising waters left them stuck in their car.

Several villages in the Valle D’Aosta region were isolated due to overflowing streams, storms and landslides.