Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Location: Breckerfeld, Germany

This mini Shetland pony

is possibly a world record holder

He's just 77 pounds

But he'll have to wait a year or so

until he's four to compete for a title

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

This busking Brit is on a mission to travel

to 100 countries in a decade without flying

(Dan Hodd, Climate activist)

"We need to consider the way we are moving around the world. We are traveling more than we ever had in the past, at least further distances ever, we are bouncing back and forth on budget holidays, for work trips and all these type of things, and while I understand that most people can't travel in this slow travel way that I am, I can at least illustrate to the world the importance of considering these kind of options and maybe traveling one way this way."

Location: Saint-Hubert, Belgium

Scores of animal lovers poured into this Belgian town

for a yearly animal blessing ceremony

(Dean of Saint-Hubert Basilica, Philippe Goosse)

"It's a very ancient tradition. Pilgrims started coming to Saint Hubert at a time when there were still many cases of rabies, when a vaccine hadn’t been discovered yet."

Location: Piraeus, Greece

A Greek subway station has

turned into a museum of ancient artifacts

which were discovered during

the construction of a subway extension

Location: New York

Late U.S. entertainer Lena Horne became

the first Black woman

to have a Broadway theater named in her honor

The Nederlander Organization renamed its

Brooks Atkinson theater after the late entertainer