Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

UK’s Chester Zoo celebrated the birth of the world’s rarest chimpanzee

The critically endangered male Western chimpanzee was born in December

(Emem Thomas, and Dragon Squad): “I am Emem Thomas and we are Dragon Squad”

Location: Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

A team of Nigerian female bouncers are creating a safe space for plus-size women

and enables them to excel in a field that is traditionally male-dominated

Location: Sao Francisco do Guapore, Brazil

Hundreds of thousands of baby freshwater turtles hatched on beaches in Brazil

This annual phenomenon is considered the largest aggregation of turtles in the world

Location: Los Angeles

'Avatar' director James Cameron stuck his hands and feet in cement in Hollywood

to commemorate his contributions to the film business

But actor Sigourney Weaver tricked Cameron into going barefoot for the ceremony

(Sigourney Weaver, Actor):

“Two gifted filmmakers at the top of our industry will take off their socks and shoes and place their bare hands and feet in wet cement, guaranteeing for all time their immortality in this business. Yes, boys, it's too late to get a pedicure. Your feet will be enshrined for posterity just as they are."