Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Location: Doha, Qatar

Soccer fans lined up to get a glimpse of the World Cup trophy

before the tournament kicks off on November 20

(Indonesian tourist, Nira) “So, we are just excited to be here, it's our first time seeing the trophy. It's amazing for us!"

Location: Gurugram, India

These two dogs got married in a ceremony complete with Hindu rituals

Almost 100 guests turned up to witness the nuptials of Sweety and Sheru

Archer Aviation unveiled its full-sized electric air taxi, 'Midnight'

The startup hopes to bring the vehicle to commercial service by 2025

(Adam Goldstein, Archer CEO)"We're targeting anybody that uses rideshare service, we would be targeting. You know, at the levels we'll certify with the FAA it will be safer than driving so you can have a safer flight, the same cost as rideshare. And instead of spending 60, 90 minutes in your car, you can get to the airport 10 minutes."

Location: New York

This 15-year-old breakdancer was crowned world champion

India Sardjoe made history as the first Dutch competitor to win the Red Bull title