Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Japanese robot-dog owners prayed for their pets’ health

during a special ceremony organized by Sony

Sony’s Aibo robotic dog

(Rumiko Kobayashi, Retiree) "I wanted to participate to pray that this little one and the other Aibos would be healthy, without injuries, energetic and all get along from now on."

Super skills were on display on this year's Guinness World Records Day

Location: Dubai

This pair combined their skills, doing a wheelie on a quad bike

while bouncing a football on one foot 70 times

12-year-old Sebastian Filoramo translated the 2022 Qatar World Cup sticker album into braille

to make it more accessible for the visually impaired soccer fans

(Sebastian Filoramo, Soccer fan) “We used transparent adhesive tape to put the letters of the country and the number and so we stuck it on the country's number as, since it is transparent, it would not cover anything. / I managed to write braille on the stickers and, well, that's how I adapted my World Cup book''.

Dior kicked off the holiday shopping season in London

unveiling a Christmas spectacle at Harrods

Tennis star Emma Raducanu presided over the event

(Emma Raducanu, Tennis star) “I think that it’s never been done before to take over all of the shop windows here at Harrods. So, yeah, just a testament to Dior’s great work."