Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in Las Vegas

after the celebrity couple rekindled a romance

almost 20 years after they first got together

Location: Palermo, Italy

This 98-year-old has become Italy’s oldest graduate – again

Giuseppe Paterno completed a master’s course in history and philosophy

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara Zoo celebrated the birth of two Bornean orangutan babies

(Luis Soto, Guadalajara Zoo Director) “Our most recent births are of two Bornean orangutan babies. This is important for two reasons: firstly, because we are the only Latin American zoo with a family of orangutans and a successful reproduction program. This is also a species that is under threat in its natural habitat. It’s in danger of disappearing, they are in danger of extinction. Within the next 20 or 25 years they could disappear from their natural habitat.”

San Diego Comic-Con is back after a two-year hiatus

(Tori Finley, Visitor) "Really excited, I was here last... I keep saying it's last year, it's been three years. I was here for 2019 so it's good to be back. It's the one time that all my friends from all over the world is in the same place, so it's nice to be back with everybody and just get to see all these new faces and meet new friends. It's a big part of why I come, so it's really good to be back."

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