Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

1// Queen Elizabeth got a Barbie doll for her Platinum Jubilee

in the same week she turned 96

2// The Elvis Festival returned to Australia after a two-year break

Location: Parkes, New South Wales

"Fantastic for the town, great to see people back and boosting the local economy. Plus getting back to a bit of normality as well. It's been a crazy world the last couple of years and it's good to see the festival back on track."

3// This 100-year-old man broke a Guinness World Record

for working at the same company for 84 years

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR WORKING 84 YEARS IN THE SAME COMPANY, WALTER ORTHMANN, SAYING: "You have to like to work. I started to work with that willingness and fighting spirit. You also have to start working on something you like to do. You can't just do any job to say that you are working. That doesn't work. You're not going to be able to stand it. You have to look for a job that you like to do, and there you won't even feel the time passing; that's what happened with me. I started working here, and I liked it, I worked my way up from point to point until I got to the position I'm in today."

4// A giant inflatable lobster floated along Venice’s Giudecca Canal

to mark the launch of Philip Colbert’s digital art project ‘The Lobstars’

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