Stories that made us smile this week

STORY: Stories that made us smile this week

Welcome to the UAE’s first indoor gym for dogs

where pups can exercise on treadmills specifically designed for them

Ernest Hemingway look-alikes rode replica bulls on wheels

as part of the Hemingway Days festivities in Key West

(Zarah Ann Gladys Madambi, Indian skateboarder) "I fall many times, but I sit for some time and then I will go again to the skatepark until I get the trick."

Six-year-old Zarah dreams of becoming a professional skater

"I love to win, when I win it makes me happy and it makes me brave, and it makes me smart."

Thai farmers raced their water buffalo at this muddy annual race

to mark a new rice growing period during the monsoon season

(Pongsathorn Pasomsup, Race organizer) "This is the first attempt this year in Map Phai sub-district of Chonburi (province) to revive a tradition that had disappeared for quite some time. I personally funded this newly built racetrack and if it's successful, we will be continuing the tradition every year from now on ."

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